Style and Teaching

The Eight Limbs of Yoga as known as Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga:

Nabs is a traditionally trained teacher and part of a rich lineage, his aim is to bring you the complete Yogic experience including the physical, mental and the spiritual practices using the tools within The Eight Limbs of Yoga. He give great emphasis to the power of the breath “Ujjayy”  during the Asana(posture) practice combined with the Vinyasa element  which is connecting the breath along with the movement of the body which act as a healing process, purifying and toning the body, mind and the senses.
Nabs is also trained in the classical Pranayama (regulation of the breath) with The Kuvaliyananda  lineage and this will always be included in his classes as well as soothing Meditation at the end of each class. Whether you are interested in the physical, mental or the spiritual aspects of Yoga then you shall find them in his teachings.

The entire practice revolves around using your “physical body” in order to reach your “energetic body” whilst aiming to raise your vibration so that with each dedicated session you are experiencing more truth appertaining to your own body and mind, leading you from the grosser more apparent reality to the subtlest reality and ultimately bringing about your own unique path towards spiritual awakening.

Sufi Tradition:

Nabs was born into a Sufi family  in Kurdistan from the Naqishbandi lineage, thus spirituality has been in his blood right from the beginning of his reincarnation on earth. The mystic Sufi tradition from the Naqishabndi lineage originates from India and the purity of this practice has been kept by the Kurdish Sufis in the mountainous region of Kurdistan which is still been practiced and as alive as it was many thousands of years ago.

Spiritual Healing : 

Nabs also possesses a natural tendency for subtle energy work from an innate ability in mediumship. He is a member of a traditionally run “home circle” in Warwickshire, United Kingdom. During these sittings the ongoing development of regular, clear and concise communication with the spirit world has continued to progress.

As a spiritual healer he is used as a conduit by spirit to pass on their healing energies from their reality to ours in a hope to bring help and healing to individuals in need within our world.

Vipassana Meditation (To See Things As They Really Are):

As a dedicated practitioner of Vipassana meditation he  practice daily meditation as part of his spiritual development. He has a wealth of knowledge about meditation particularly Vipassana tradition because over the past years Nabs have completed many courses including 20 and 30 days meditation courses. 

Testimonial: I have been attending Nab’s Ashtanga class for a year and develop in ways I did not think possible.  Nabs is a great teacher and gently but firmly encourages his students to push themselves.   

He pays a lot of attention to the purity of the practice and so there is as much emphasis on breathing both with the incorporation of pranayama in each session and focussing on ujjayi during the practice.
Anyone who goes along wanting a gym session will find themselves stretched in more ways than one, but they will completely miss the point of Ashtanga.  Nabs keeps you focussed and gently but firmly keeps you on track, using adjustments when required. It has been a great privilege to be one of his students. 

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