Class Timetable

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Notice: You are advised that you arrive 10 minutes before the class commences, on an empty stomach and wearing comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movement too much. We have mats and blocks available but it is recommended that you bring your own mat if you have one.

Weekly Class timetable:


*NEW 6 weeks Beginners course:*

*Date & Time for next course: Sundays from  10am – 11am. Please get in touch to find out about the date for next course.

*Venue: Festival Hall, Talbot Road, Alderley Edge, Cheshire, SK9 7HR.*

Price: £50 paid in advance

This is a foundational course based on the Eight Limbs of Yoga and is designed to suit absolute beginners as well as those with some experience in Yoga – even experienced practitioners who may like to take the lighter approach of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system.

During this course you will learn the key elements of Yoga known as the “Triple Gem” which will lay a firm and solid foundation for your journey ahead!

Following a traditional and authentic path of the ancient lineage will give you the magical yogic experience which inturn will guide you to go deeper within yourself, to eradicate impurities from the roots and to bring about healing for your physical and mental structure whilst illuminating your heart and soul.

Also you will learn basic Pranayama (breath regulation) from the Kayvaliananda lineage that I am part of which works upon the subtle body known as The Energetic Body.

Each class will end with a soothing meditation whilst laying in Shavasana – deeply relaxed and optimizing the benefits you discovered from your practice.

*Book promptly as this course has limited places.


*Monthly Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style Self-Practice: 

Monthly Ashtanga Mysore self-practice will run for one week each month from Monday – Friday from 6:15am – 8:15am. Door will be open from 6am.

Venue: Festival Hall, Talbot Road, Alderley Edge, SK9 7HR.

*Date : please contact Nabs to find out about the date for the next monthly Ashtanga Mysore style self – practice.

*Price : £50 for the week or £12 drop in.

*Details: Mysore style self-practice is one of the traditional way of practicing Ashtanga yoga. You shall get one to one instructions and guidance from the teacher as well as plenty of hands on adjustments in order to deepen your practice. It’s also ideal for complete beginners to learn the practice gradually at their own pace under the guidance of the teacher, although the class duration is two hours, however this does not mean you have to stay on for the entire two hours and you can stay for as long or short you want! On Friday  we will conclude the week with a guided lead class by myself.

*Things to be aware of in the Mysore class:

** Come with an open mind and Focus on your own practice also have an awareness of the other practitioners in the class.

** Ask question about any aspect of your practice where necessary

** Wait for the teacher to come and help you with the postures you need help and assistance with so do not rush it until the teacher is free to attend you.

** Most importantly enjoy your practice

Testimonial:   Nabs’ classes have been an oasis. He creates such a special atmosphere with his love of yoga and warmth as a person. He teaches with a gentle confidence always encouraging all of his students. I will remember ‘try your best, but don’t kill yourself!’ with affection. Nabs is such a kind teacher. I always felt his sincere effort to help and found him such a balancing non judgemental influence. He readily gives  his time, knowledge, and understanding as his student, I feel very grateful as this is the most valuable thing a teacher can give.
Nabs is a great listener who cares about giving his students the most correct and considered answer he can. He never puts himself above anyone, he treats his students with care and respect. He has a tangible warmth when passing on yoga. His approach is very balanced, I have absolute trust in him as a teacher.
He has ignited my practice and has facilitated many healing sessions and truly opened my perspective. I have written and thought ‘thank you Nabs’ many times in the months I have known him. I love his chants and how he gives us a space to chant. I have experienced his classes as a feeling of ‘ being’ in my practice rather than ‘doing’ my practice..this is very special and I am not just impressed but in love with his classes – I am sure that I’m not alone in this! Nabs is a massively supportive, truly inspirational, unique teacher. 
lots of love Julie x