Private Tuition & Spiritual Healing

Private Tuition – Tailored to meet your needs: Ideal for beginners, those who lack confidence in groups sessions or even advanced students who wish to deepen their personal practice on a one to one basis.

We can focus upon Ashtanga yoga Asanas (Postures), Pranayama and Kriyas (breath regulation and cleansing technique) and meditation or a combination of all three. Also advice on diet and healthy lifestyle is given if needed.

Contact me to start your self-healing, life transforming  journey and gain from all of the benefits that Yoga will offer you.

Spiritual Healing : 

For sometime I have sat weekly within a traditionally run “home circle” in Warwickshire, United Kingdom. During these sittings the ongoing development of regular, clear and concise communication with the spirit world has continued to progress.

As a spiritual healer I am used as a conduit by spirit to pass on their healing energies from their reality to ours in a hope to bring help to induviduals in need within our world.

There is truly “no price” on such kindly spiritual assistance from those living in the Etheric world – therefore you are welcome to offer a charitable donation on such occasions so that the goodwill is always passed on  to those who are most in need.