Workshops & Retreats

February 2017
Sunday 12th – Backbend Workshop
Venue: The Barbour Institute
High Street, Tattenhall, Cheshire,  CH3 9PX
12:00 – 15:00

March 2017

Saturday 4th – The Art of Adjustments Workshop – Part 2
Venue: Yoga Tree Studio, Congleton Cheshire
13:00 – 16:30

Saturday 11th – The Eight Limbs of Yoga – Pranayama & Kriya workshop
Venue: Yoga Loft, Coventry Road, Burbage, Leicestershire, LE10 2HL
13:00 – 16:30

Sunday 19th – The Eight Limbs of Yoga – Pranayama & Kriya workshop
Venue:  Ministry of Yoga
277 Walthall Street
Crewe CW2  7LE


„Watch Your Soul Unfold“

Yoga & Healing Retreat, Triopetra, Crete



Titel Yoga & Healing Retreat, Triopetra, Crete


Teachers Dhyāyinī Heidi Aemisegger &  Nabs Hadi
Title Watch Your Soul Unfold
Dates April, 14 – 21
Programm Arrival Date:

14/04/2017       5-6.30pm Yoga Class             7pm dinner


April, 15th – 21st:

7.45 am Energy Booster Shot and Hot Drinks


8.00 – 11.00 am Pranayama, Yoga Class


11.30 am Healthy Brunch /Vegetarian/Vegan food


** Fruits will be Provided for the afternoon**


5-6.30pm Restorative Class and Yoga Philosophy Sessions, Widsom Talks


7pm Sattvic Dinner / Vegetarian/Vegan food


Departure Date:


April, 21st               Usual Morning Schedule



Singel Room:  CHF 1’170.- / £950 pp

Double Room:  CHF 1’070.-/ £ 870 pp

Triple Room:  CHF  870.-/ £ 710 pp

** Concession Apply**



Accomodation, 2 meals a day, all  classes and activities


Not included:

flight and transfer to Triopetra (we can organize carpools)

Place / Hotel

Pavlos’s guest house in the peaceful South of Crete is an ideal setting to connect with nature and your own self. According

to the book «Great Yoga Retreats» by Angelika Taschen it is «a little oasis of humanity» offering a bright Yoga room with sea

view, simple but comfortable rooms with balconies, a small tavern where the delicious food made by Pavlos and his family is

served, and all of this with the Libyan Sea and a sandy beach right in front of you.





The week:

„Watch your soul unfold“

Daily Yoga Program: Each morning will begin with quiet reflection and development of the breath. Followed by a combination of Ashtanga Mysore style  and Jivamukti classes which will accommodate and extend practitioners of all levels. The afternoon classes will support the morning practice and will cover fundamentals of asana, bandha, pranayama, yoga philosophy and meditation. All this is set in a context of the five layers of our body (the koshas) and how we can purify these layers and therefore unfold the pathway to our soul.  There will be time for questions and discussion.


Other Activities:

* Two silent and spiritual walks to the three famous stones of the island  known as Triopetra followed by breathtaking sunset.


* Fire ceremoney and vedic chanting for letting go of the old conditioning of the mind and creating space for your soul to unfold and for your heart to shine your inner light.


* Sun bathe, realx and go within at the retreat’s exclusive private beach.


*  Trips to the nearby villages and exploring other beaches.




Nabs Hadi

is an experienced and inspiring guide who travels globally to share the art of Yoga and spirituality. He has been trained in the classical Pranayama and Kriya practices of Kaivalyananda lineage by the renowned guru Sri.O.P Tiwariji. He is also trained in the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system by Paul Dallaghan at the famous Samahita Retreat and he is an experienced and dedicated  Vipassana meditation practitioner. Nabs is the worker for the spirit world and he is regularly being developed as a healer by the spirits from the spirit world thus, he offers spiritual healing through his teaching whenever is required.

Please email or call me on 07734526945 to find out about the upcoming workshop and to reserve your space.

Dhyāyinī Devī / Heidi Aemisegger

is a former dancer and choreographer with more than 20 years of experience on stage. She is an experienced teacher within the Ashtanga Yoga system and Jivamukti Yoga.  She has years of study with the renown Pranayama teachers O.P. Tiwari and Paul Dallaghan which have contributed of her wide knowlegde and profound understanding of the Pranayama practices which she now shares with students from all walks of life. Meeting Manorama in 2011 was another major turning point in her life with whom she studies yoga philosophy,  old scriptures and sanskrit intensivley on a regular basis.

Dhyāyinī’s authentic and holistic approach inspires a passion for self-discovery and self-healing.

She is founder of and Co-owner of Dayayoga, Bern.

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